Faculty Resources

Below are a number of resources designed specifically for Faculty.  If you have a question that goes beyond these topics or would like a specific training related to one of these topics, please contact Paul Tongsri at paul_tongsri@ncsu.edu.

General Campus Resources:

A list of campus departments and offices that provide specific support for students in distress.


10-Minute Video Series | Practical and User-Friendly Advice

 Everyone has 10 minutes…






Syllabus Language That Helps Support Students in Distress:

An easy solution for those Faculty who are still finalizing their class syllabi.  This section includes language for class syllabi that encourages students to refer others when they notice behavior that concerns or worries them.


Caring Over Email | One Professor’s Success: 

A sample email sent by a faculty member in Engineering to her students during a high stress period.  This is an excellent example of how faculty/staff can create caring, supporting environments in which students feel comfortable sharing concerns for one another.


Responding to Disruptive Students in the Classroom:

While some classroom disruptions can be signs of a student in distress, many are simply acts of ignorance or disrespect that do not indicate a higher level of concern.  Common examples include arriving late to class, inappropriate comments or questions, and interrupting the lecture or discussion.  By sharing your concerns with the student in a private setting, you’ll have an opportunity to assess whether the student would benefit from additional support …


Student Confidentiality and FERPA

Often, faculty express concern about whether and how to share concerns about a student.  Generally, FERPA prohibits NC State from disclosing student educational records (or information from student records) to anyone other than the student to whom the records pertain, unless NC State has the student’s consent or an exception applies…