1. I have a concern about a friend/fellow student at NC State. What is the best way to get them help?
  2. I received a request to meet with a Case Manager; Do I have to make an appointment?
  3. Is the information I share with the case manager confidential?


Faculty and Staff:

  1. What happens once I refer a student?
  2. I’m concerned about how the student will react when he learns I referred him.  Can you keep my name out of it?
  3. I have a student who is being very disruptive during class?  Can I have them removed from my section?
  4. I already referred a student to the Counseling Center.  Should I still submit a referral online or over the phone?



  1. Will I be notified when someone expresses a concern about my student?
  2. How do I get access to my student’s records?

Managing Classroom Disruptions

By sharing your concerns with the student in a private setting, you’ll have an opportunity to assess whether the student would benefit from additional support…

Caring Over Email: One Professor’s Success

Students often display heightened levels of stress at particular times during the year. Faculty can use these times as a reminder to students that the university cares for them.

A Syllabus Solution

One of the best ways to support students in your classroom is to make sure it’s part of the first conversation you plan to have with them.

Student Confidentiality and FERPA

Introduction: Generally, FERPA prohibits NC State from disclosing student education records (or information from student records) to anyone other than the student to whom the records pertain, unless NC State has the student’s consent or …read more.