Students Returning After a Medical Withdrawal

Students returning from a medical withdrawal can often benefit by connecting with on campus resources to help with their transition.  Below are a number of campus resources designed to aid with this transition:

  • Records and Registration: Depending on the amount of time the student has been away from NC State, the student may need to participate in the readmission process.  The Office of Records and Registration has a site designed to help with this process, including information on deadlines for readmission, the readmission checklist, and a list of resources.
  • Academic Advising Services: If you’re reconsidering your major or want some help in choosing which courses to take when you return, Academic Advising Services can help.  Their advisors can help students evaluate potential majors, navigate the on-campus transfer process (CODA), and plan appropriate coursework as students transition between majors.  This is a walk-in service; no appointment necessary.
  • Counseling Center:  Many students are forced to undergo a medical withdrawal because of depression, anxiety, or other mental health factors that have prevented them from reaching their full potential as a student.  When returning, it is important to focus on these issues to ensure a similar situation does not emerge in the future – or that resources are in place to minimize any issues that do arise.  Students transitioning back from a medical withdrawal-related to mental health concerns are strongly encouraged to maintain a connection with the counseling center.
  • Disability Services Office: In many cases, students returning from a withdrawal based on mental health concerns are entitled to accommodations that would aid them in reaching their full potential in the classroom.  The Disability Services Office provides services for students by coordinating with faculty and staff to ensure that the most appropriate accommodations are provided. For many students, a small accommodation can make a huge difference in their ability to reach their potention.